How you can use the cartoons

Would you like to:

*Increase interest in your church magazine or notice sheet?
*Send something creative to families on lockdown?
*Make the Sunday congregation smile?
*Use cartoons to make a point (thereby saving 100 words…)?
*Add content to your church website?
*Generally brighten someone’s day?


…and individuals, including individuals within non-profit organisations

A CartoonChurch Standard licence allows:

*Unlimited use of cartoons and all resources for one year
*Use in church magazines
*Use in weekly notice sheets
*Posting on a church website
*Use in online worship
*Use in email bulletins
*Handouts, service sheet covers
*Projecting cartoons using a video projector, etc
*Brightening up talks and assemblies
*Use of printable cartoon worksheets
*Printable Colouring pages
*Illustrations – smaller cartoons to accompany text

Pricing for 2023-24

For churches and individuals:

I’d like as many people as possible to be able to use the CartoonChurch resources, in particular clergy who will have many demands on their time over the coming months. Therefore I’m operating a ‘pay what you can afford’ policy for 2023-24.

Full price for an annual licence is £42.00 (Approx $50 USD).

If a half price licence (£21) is more doable use the code FIFTY where the page says ‘Have a coupon?’

Free licences: If you can’t pay at the moment that is fine – please do use the material. Use the same ‘buy a licence’ button below, but put in the code FREE when the page asks for a coupon. Please do register, as it helps me to know who is using the material.

Payment is by Paypal – a credit card can be used if you don’t have a Paypal account.

Buy a licence

A single cartoon licence is also available.

I prefer online payments, but if you really can only pay by cheque please contact me.

Diocesan newspapers

I offer a special price for use of CartoonChurch cartoons in diocesan newspapers – see this page.

Commercial or academic use

Please see this page.