Frequently Asked Questions

[If your question isn’t answered here then please do get in touch. Dave]

Who drew the cartoons?
All cartoons on CartoonChurch are drawn by Dave Walker. That’s me.

Can I download the cartoons to use them in publications?
Yes, indeed. You need to buy a licence, then follow the instructions below under ‘How do I save a cartoon onto my computer’.

How much does it cost?
See the How you can use the cartoons page for the licence prices.

How do I pay?
Paying online via Paypal is quick and easy. Sending a cheque is possible if you really have no other option, but I would prefer online payments.

Can I pay in currencies other than UK pounds?
Yes. When you pay by Paypal the Payment Details page will show you the current exchange rate and the equivalent amount in your currency. When you pay Paypal will handle the conversion for you. The approximate prices for licences in US dollars are shown on the ‘How you can use the cartoons‘ page.

How do I save a cartoon onto my computer?
It depends upon the browser you are using to look at the internet. First of all you need to buy a license, then:

Using Microsoft Internet Explorer: You need to right click on the ‘download cartoon’ link under any of the cartoons, then select ‘ Save Target As…’. Choose where you want to store the image on your computer, then click ‘Save’.

Using Firefox or Google Chrome You need to right click on the ‘download cartoon’ link under any of the cartoons, then select ‘ Save Link As…’. Choose where you want to store the image on your computer, then click ‘Save’.

How do I insert a cartoon into my document?

In OpenOffice: Under ‘Insert’ click ‘Graphics’, then ‘From File’. A box will pop up allowing you to look at the folders on your computer. Find the file, highlight it, then click ‘open’. The cartoon will appear in your document. You will probably need to resize it – see below.

In Microsoft Word: I think it’s more or less the same.

In Microsoft Publisher: Ditto.

The cartoon is too big / small – how do I make it the right size?
Put your cursor over the corner of the image. You should see a little two-ended arrow appearing. On the keyboard press the ‘shift’ key and keep it pressed down. With the cursor still over the corner of the image left click keeping the mouse button held down whilst you drag the image to be the size you want it. Keeping the ‘shift’ key pressed down throughout this process keeps the dimensions of the cartoon the same – otherwise the image will look squashed and generally not very good.

Can I post one of your cartoons on my blog or social media?
I’m also happy for an occasional cartoon from this site to be posted as long as:
For blogs – you host the image on your webspace and post a link to this site.
On social media – I’d prefer that you share cartoons posted by CartoonChurch or Dave’s accounts. Please post a link to this site, and tag Dave or cartoonchurch (See the links at the bottom of every page).
Please see the Copyright page for more detail.
If you want to post CartoonChurch cartoons on a regular basis I ask that you consider purchasing one of my non-profit licences.

Can licence holders use the cartoons on church websites?
Yes, that’s fine. I just ask that you host the image on your own webspace and put a link to this site. I do also ask that large numbers of cartoons are not posted on church or other sites, but I’m sure you had no plans to do such a thing.

Can licence holders use the cartoons as part of online worship?
Yes, absolutely.

I’m looking for a particular cartoon but can’t find it. Can you help?
The ‘search’ box in the right hand column of every page allows you to search the cartoons. Alternatively the List of cartoons by category or Site Map list every cartoon and page on the site.

I’ve enjoyed the site – what can I do to help?
I’d love it if you wanted to sign up and use the cartoons. If you have no opportunity to use them you could pass the website address on to your Parish Magazine/newsletter editor, minister or youth worker.

You could buy one of the books or calendars, share a cartoon on Facebook or Twitter, or if you run a website of any sort a link would be very much appreciated.

Have your cartoons appeared elsewhere?
Some of the early cartoons here on the site originally appeared on which was my original cartoon site. My work currently appears weekly in the Church Times and I have drawn cartoons for a wide range of publications and organisations.

Why do I have to pay?
So I can eat. Selling licences for reuse of cartoons is part of the way that I’ve been able to make a living from cartooning. Support of my work by those who have bought a licence is highly appreciated.

Are you trained to do this?
No. Well, yes. I studied ‘Applied Theology’ at Moorlands College and have a degree in an unrelated subject. Before starting in 2005 I was a church youth worker for about 7 years.

On the site you keep on saying ‘We’ like there are a whole team of people running this site. It’s just you isn’t it Dave?
Well, yes and no. A lot of people helped a lot to get the site off the ground. Giving advice, helping with technical aspects, folding cards, helping me at the CRE and lots more. A special mention must go to my wife who suggests a lot of the cartoon ideas and has done a lot of behind-the-scenes work.