What Could Possibly Go Wrong

What Could Possibly Go Wrong is a collection of cartoons from the Church Times, originally drawn from 2018 until 2020. The book is the 8th collection of Church Times cartoons published by Canterbury Press. It’s always great to see them gathered together into a book, and I hope you think so too. The contents are arranged as follows:

“In an exciting innovation, this collection is divided into three parts. ‘People, Buildings, Controversies’ recalls the carefree times before the pandemic. Here you will find handy guides to how folding tables work, viewing previous vicars’ portraits, and identifying new bishops. Part two, ‘The Pandemic’, chronicles how churches adapted (or didn’t) to changing the way they did everything. It also reveals what clergy were doing when not on Zoom and rewrites the 12 Days of Christmas and the Beatitudes for lockdown. And in an uplifting final part, ‘The Church Year, Looking Forward’, we return to the simple joys of church statistics, vestment etiquette and donkeys (liturgical use of).”

As always I’m hugely grateful to everyone who helps me with new material in a variety of ways (submit a cartoon idea here!), and to Church Times and Canterbury Press for continuing to publish my work.

You can see some specially-selected cartoons from What Could Possibly Go Wrong here on CartoonChurch.com (more coming very soon!) and use them in your church publications if you have a CartoonChurch licence.

To see all of the cartoons you can buy the book via these links, or your local bookshop. I hope you enjoy it!

See some of the cartoons from What Could Possibly Go Wrong