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Using this image
The cartoons and illustrations on this website can be used by churches who purchase a very reasonable unlimited-cartoons-for-a-year licence – you can find out more here. Once you have a licence come back to this page and use the illustration!

Download the high resolution image

Instructions for downloading the image
In Google Chrome or Firefox you can save the cartoon onto your computer by right clicking on the link above, then selecting ‘Save Link As…’, choosing where you want to store the image on your computer, then clicking ‘Save’. In Internet Explorer right click on the link and select ‘Save Target As…’.

Instructions for using the cartoon

  • The images in the ‘illustrations’ category are much smaller files than the regular cartoons, so may not work so well if printed at too large a size. But, as always, do a test print and see how it looks.
  • In order to keep the smaller images uncluttered, the images in the ‘Illustrations’ section of the website don’t contain the ‘’ branding in the corner, so a credit somewhere in your publication is appreciated if that is feasible. Something along the lines of ‘Image:’ or similar is great.
  • If using on your church website please add a link to
  • On social media, please tag @cartoonchurch on Facebook / Twitter / Instagram.
  • Need help or have questions about any of this? The Frequently Asked Questions page has more information about the technical aspects of adding an image to your publication should that be useful. (Link will open in new window). Alternatively, send me a message.

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