Pay what you can afford

Mediocre picture of my computer screenPay what you can afford: I’d like everyone to be able to be able to use CartoonChurch resources during what has been a challenging time for churches, and for clergy in particular. So, since 2020, the site has operated a ‘Pay what you can afford’ system – full price is still the same, or there’s a half price option if that is more doable, or a free licence for those that couldn’t justify buying a licence at the current time. Please take advantage of this if you need to – I don’t want anyone not to use my work because of the cost. At the moment I’m doing this through a coupon system – see details of the codes to use on the How to use the cartoons page. If you have any technical problems signing up please get in touch.

Other changes to (made in 2020)

Pandemic cartoons: I’m gathered resources the particularly relate to the pandemic in the 2020 cartoons section.

Larger cartoons: The cartoons section of the site is essentially the same as it was, (for ease of use), but I have made the cartoons a bit larger and therefore easier to read. I’ve just edited the latest 60 or so images for now, but all new cartoons will be in this larger format, and I’ll go back and do more of the older ones when I can.

Click to view a larger version: The cartoons on the main cartoon pages and single cartoon pages can now also be seen at a larger size by clicking on them. And a tip for advanced users: if you’re on a page containing more than one cartoon you can then swipe or click left / right to the other cartoons on that page, although once again this doesn’t yet work with the older cartoons on the site. See the cartoon page, click on a cartoon and do some swiping for an example.

Thumbnail view: This, I hope, should make it more straightforward to find the perfect image for this month’s church magazine, or at least make it easier to browse worksheets and colouring pages. Select ‘thumbnail view‘ from the menu below ‘’ at the top left of the site. A note – the thumbnail pages may take a few seconds to come up as the page is having to load a lot of images. I’ll be honest – this function will probably be more useful on a computer or tablet than a mobile, where everything is small anyway…

CartoonChurch illustrations: Like clipart, but better. The Illustrations section is is a new addition to the site, with smaller and simpler images that are ideal for, say, illustrating an article, filling up a gap in the notice sheet, or to make a point in a talk. Go and have a look! (There are some examples on this page.)

New colouring pages: See the colouring pages for the full selection. Ideal to get people talking, for mindfulness, or for those few minutes when you just haven’t got anything else planned.

Cartoons in portrait format: A number of landscape cartoons are now also available in portrait format, so they could be used to (for instance) fill an entire A5 page in a church magazine. If you find these helpful it would be useful to know, and I will create more!

I hope you enjoy all of the new content. If you’d like to support my work, and at the same time have all kinds of cartoons, illustrations, colouring pages and worksheets at your disposal, then I’d love it if you were to consider buying a licence. I’m hoping that, with everything new on the site it is good value and will provide a lot that will enhance your church publications, or whatever you do. And if you know a church magazine editor – please pass this on. Thank you!

If you find any part of the site that doesn’t work, or isn’t as useful as it could be, or there’s anything that you’d like to see more of then I’d love your feedback.

Anyway, you’re probably here for the cartoons, so don’t let me keep you. Show me the cartoons.