Thank you NHS

Thank you NHS / clap for the NHS colouring page

About this cartoon
This ‘Thank you NHS’ image would work as a colouring page, or as an illustration cartoon, etc, or any other use you can think of.

Using this colouring page

  • This image is free for individuals and families to print off and use (though tip jar contributions appreciated…)
  • If you represent a church or similar organisation, or will be sending this image to other people, use of CartoonChurch resources is on a ‘pay what you can afford’ basis. See using the cartoons for licence details.
  • Any other usage / not sure? Get in touch

Download the high resolution file

  • Thank you NHS (.png image file): High resolution png (Approx 3mb)
  • Thank you NHS (.pdf image file): High resolution png (Approx 3mb)
  • Thank you NHS alternative version (.png image file). This version has the words ‘NHS’ removed, in case you live somewhere where medical services have another name: High resolution png (Approx 3mb)

Instructions for downloading the cartoon
In Google Chrome or Firefox you can save the cartoon onto your computer by right clicking on the link, then selecting ‘Save Link As…’, choosing where you want to store the image on your computer, then clicking ‘Save’. In Internet Explorer right click on the link and select ‘Save Target As…’.

Conditions for using the cartoon online
If using CartoonChurch resources on your church website please post a link to On Twitter, please tag @davewalker, and on Facebook CartoonChurch.

The Frequently Asked Questions page has more information about the technical aspects of adding a cartoon to your publication should that be useful. (Link will open in new window).

Any other questions or comments?
Please send me a message.

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