CartoonChurch illustrations

A new development on the site: Illustrations. These are smaller and simpler images that might be useful when one of the standard cartoons is too large and/or complex for the task in hand. Places you might like to use them include:

*To illustrate a parish magazine article
*As a header artwork for, say, the Vicar’s letter
*As a discussion starter
*To fill a gap on your church notice sheet
*As a quick-to-read illustration for a talk
…and any other use you can think of.

The illustrations can be viewed on a thumbnail page, or in the standard view with larger images. Each illustration is tagged with topics, and the thumbnail page has a list of those tags to help you find an image to suit the task in hand.

As with all the content on the website I ask that you buy a licence on a ‘Pay what you can afford’ basis to use the images. This also enables you to use all of the cartoons, colouring pages and worksheets in your church for a year. Thank you!

Go and explore: CartoonChurch illustrations.

(If you like these images and would like to see more please let me know. Feedback on this kind of thing is very useful.)