Sorry, no 2024 Calendar

I’m afraid there isn’t a 2024 calendar – I’m sorry!

Details of the 2022 calendar, published by Canterbury Press, are below. Page kept in case of interest to future generations.

Here’s the official blurb:

You won’t get a year’s worth of fun anywhere else for GBP8.99*. The Dave Walker Guide to the Church Calendar is a regular favourite and a lifesaver for stressed church people. Dave’s distinctive and detailed style (he calls them ‘diagrams’), his quiet comic genius and his ability to see humour in the ordinary and the everyday, mean his cartoons can be enjoyed again and again. This 2021 calendar features 12 cartoons from Dave, each one packed with wry humour and spot-on observations on church life.

*A bold claim, but I’m going with it.

You can buy the calendar via Canterbury Press, or your favourite retailer.