Ways to use the cartoons

how to make people smile

With a cartoon licence you could use the cartoons in all kinds of ways:

  • Post them on the vestry noticeboard
  • Project them on a screen
  • Send them to someone whose morale is low
  • Liven up the annual report
  • Put them in the notice sheet
  • Improve your publicity leaflets
  • Use them as youth group discussion starters
  • Illustrate sermons
  • Post them on the church website
  • Email one to church members each week
  • Share them on your church Facebook or Twitter page
  • Use them to test the photocopier
  • Get a laugh on a Sunday morning
  • Give a cartoon to each PCC / church council member
  • Make a poster
  • Improve your Facebook page

Then there’s colouring pages:

  • For any age: children or adults
  • For those who need something to do during a service
  • Colouring in helps people to talk to each other
  • Ideal for mindfulness
  • When you really don’t have anything prepared
  • Carry one around for emergency use

And cartoon worksheets:

  • A creative activity for children and young people
  • People talk to each other when they are concentrating on colouring-in
  • A really good way to engage children who come to an event that isn’t really planned for them
  • Great fun to colour, doodle, and fill in
  • Ideal when you don’t have the time or energy to come up with something new

I’m sure you can think of more. If you’d like to use the cartoons please see the using the cartoons page for licence information.