How you can use the cartoons

Turn your church around

Would you like to:

*Increase interest in your church magazine or notice sheet?
*Make the Sunday congregation smile?
*Use cartoons to make a point (thereby saving 100 words…)?
*Add content to your church website?
*Generally brighten someone’s day?


…and individuals within non-profit organisations

A CartoonChurch Standard licence allows:

*Unlimited use of cartoons for one year
*Use in church magazines
*Use in weekly notice sheets
*Posting on a church website
*Handouts, service sheet covers
*Projecting cartoons using a video projector, etc
*Brightening up talks and assemblies
*Use of cartoon worksheets
*NEW: Colouring pages

£42.00 (Approx $55 USD)


Buy a CartoonChurch Standard Licence

£42 for a year’s licence. Payment by Paypal – a credit card can be used if you don’t have a Paypal account.

Buy a licence

A single cartoon licence is also available.

If you’d prefer to pay by cheque please contact me.

Diocesan newspapers

I offer a special price for use of CartoonChurch cartoons in diocesan newspapers – see this page.

Commercial or academic use

Please see this page.