Heroes of the Coffee Rota

Cartoons from the book 'Heroes of the Coffee Rota', available from Church House Bookshop or Amazon. See the 'Books' page for links to other books, calendars, tea towels, etc.


Tidying cartoon[Use this cartoon]


Amplification cartoon[Use this cartoon]

The clergy conference

Clergy conference cartoon
Clergy conference cartoon [Use this cartoon]


Church security cartoon

Church security cartoon – ‘Weekdays’ [Use this cartoon]

Church maintenance

Church maintenance cartoon
Church maintenance cartoon [Use this cartoon]

The holiday club

Church holiday club cartoon Church holiday club cartoon [Use this cartoon]

Church cleaning

Church cleaning cartoonChurch cleaning cartoon [Use this cartoon]


Church pet service cartoon
‘Animals’ – Church pet service cartoon by Dave Walker [Use this cartoon]

Church chairs

Church chairs cartoon - questions to ask when buying new ones
Church chairs cartoon [Use this cartoon]

The perils of being tall

Being tall cartoon
The perils of being tall [Use this cartoon]